Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Solaris or Linux??

After interacting with some of my fellow students at college, I realize that Solaris vs Linux is one of the hot topics. People who want to try out other operating systems and some of them who want to work on UNIX end up picking up one of the linux distros esp Fedora or Ubuntu. And unfortunately every new batch of students just stick on to this choice without much consideration, mostly because they are unaware of the other OS options and also because their peers/seniors have a copy of these linux distros. In this post I am not asking them to undo their decision but instead just refering to a healthy (factual) comparison between Solaris and RedHat.

Have a look at this blog entry by Bill Vass.

Also here is a comparison chart that you should have a look at. Feel free to comment on his blog/maybe mine too if you find any correction.

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